Find Out What Shape Of Sunglasses Will Make Your Face Look The Most Attractive

Find Out What Shape Of Sunglasses Will Make Your Face Look The Most Attractive
Sunglasses have slowly evolved into more than just a device designed to protect our eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. They are now an indispensable accessory for everyone, fashionista or not. Especially, if you're in the show business, you need to wear one - be it to fend off the glare of the pap flashes, or to hide your dark circles from fans (that perhaps explains the 'airport look' glasses at 12 in the night?). Or, you can just wear it because you want to. Hell, no one should have to explain what they wear - not everything warrants a functional relevance. However, to get the most out of sunglasses, you need to know which ones to wear, and which ones to stay away from. Here, we have explained which glasses make each face shape look the most attractive, and why.
1. Round face
Round face© Twitter
If you have a round face, stay away from anything that makes it look even rounder. Round glasses will do that for you. So, avoid round glasses like the plague and stick to angular frames - squares and rectangles. They will provide that bit of edge that will balance out the roundness of your face.
2. Square face
Square face© Twitter
If you have a heavyset jawline and symmetric proportions, your face is square. You don't want to make it further box-like. Smoothen it out by choosing round glasses.
3. Oblong and Heart-shaped face
Oblong face© Twitter
Heart-shaped face© Twitter
Both these face types have prominent cheekbones, that need to be complemented by another prominent structure. Aviators have the perfect frames for these face types.
4. Oval face
Oval face
You're lucky if your face is oval. You don't need to think much about sunglass frames, because everything goes with this face shape. Exhibit A: Ranveer Singh.
Pro Tip: If you're confused, go for a pair of aviators. They will never let you down.

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