5 Eternal Sunglass Styles You Must Include In Your Wardrobe

5 Eternal Sunglass Styles You Must Include In Your Wardrobe

Sunglasses are saviours across seasons! They are more than just eye protection. A properly chosen pair can uplift your look and define your signature style. Also, there are different styles that go with your different looks. How does one choose the appropriate styles? With countless styles and shapes, one is bound to get overwhelmed. There are plenty of options that can work with your face shape or your new spring wardrobe. While new designs are added every year, there are some classics that are still in trend and demand. We at Vision Express have compiled some eternal sunglasses for men and women that can help you make your next choice.

Aviator Sunglasses: They started gaining popularity around World War II and since then they have been in vogue. Giving it a modern twist are the mirrored lenses that are available in various colours. The dark, reflective lenses covering the entire eye are perfect as a style statement and for protecting your eyes as they provide the perfect coverage. Aviator sunglasses come with a wide metal frame in the front and thin light temples that never fail to impress.

A go-to classic!

men's sunglasses

Retro Sunglasses: When it comes to the retro look, the panto glasses can perfectly be considered a “blast from the past”. Featuring a high hinge and full base, these timeless frames give a wider view and are a favourite of every old and new fashion enthusiast. These sunglasses gained their popularity since the 50s with their eye-catching and well-crafted design that provides eye coverage while accentuating the looks.

A versatile vintage piece, a must in every wardrobe!

women's Sunglasses

Butterfly Shaped Sunglasses: Pick this type of evergreen and elegant sunglasses that always help accentuate your looks. They have been doing it for decades. Spot them with their distinct butterfly shape narrowing at the centre and balancing at the top and bottom of the lens. They are oversized and inspired by the unique butterfly shape and they never fail to add to the glamour quotient. Moreover, the generous sizing works perfectly in protecting the eyes against the sun rays.

Dress charming today and always!

oval shaped sunglasses

Printed/Tortoise Shell Sunglasses: Another must-have sunglass style, this is the one to pick when you want to try something classy yet suave. Amongst all shapes, the oval-shaped sunglasses can instantly add to your look.

Fun with shelled styles!

sunglasses for men

Sporty Sunglasses: You will find them mostly in a rectangle shape. These are evergreen designs and have been popular since the 40s and 50s due to their functionality. Sleek and light, you will find most of these sports sunglasses for men and women having excellent grip and anti-slip features in modern neon colours. Team them with your sportswear and take them for a high-fashion run.


Which of these classics do you like? Share your style in the comments section below and head to a Vision Express store to try your new style.

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